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Proxy Season Webinar at SIF

April 6, 2010

Si2 took part in a proxy season webinar presented by the Social Investment Forum on March 25, and presented information on what is proving to be a very interesting proxy season.  Our presentation from the webinar is available here:

Si2 Proxy Forecast 2010 – SIF

It mentions key development at the SEC that have opened the door to more proposals and greater corporate disclosure, and gives an overview of new and revisited social and environmental issues activists are raising at companies.  Environmental issues are the biggest topic raised, with climate change at the top of the list and a new campaign about hydraulic fracturing used in natural gas extraction.  The campaign to encourage greater disclosure of corporate political spending continues, while labor and human rights subjects also figure prominently on the agenda.

You can view an article by about the webinar here:



April 6, 2010

Hello everyone! We hope this blog will prove helpful for keeping in touch with our members and others interested in our mission to provide the best impartial research on organized efforts to influence corporate behavior. This year we’re initially focused on covering the U.S. shareholder proposals on social and environmental subjects, with support from 11 of the largest endowed U.S. colleges and universities. Thanks for all the positive support from the social investing community and others. It is much appreciated!